What our Client say

By Jack Edward Effron , Founder-Director Bangladesh International Education Centre

“Rakin is especially talented in website management and solved several insoluble problems for my site. The best things about him are:

(1) personal touch – he listens and really focuses on what you want, need and feel.

(2) a researcher – Rakin does not pretend he knows everything and, most importantly, he does not pretend he knows when he doesn’t. But he will get on the internet and research the options. I use him because he can find the ones I do not find and I am a crack researcher (on social science, not on computers)!

(3) persistent – if you are not satisfied with his solution, he doesn’t get sick of you: he gets busy. He keeps at it, showing you options, until you are satisfied.

In short, I commend Rakin to you as your computer consultant without hesitation because he has helped me so much.


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                                                                    Sohag, Content writer, TGB